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Mission, Goals, Plans & Other Reports

ParadeThe mission of Brooks Memorial Library is to provide collections and services that support the learning, information, personal enrichment, and leisure needs of people of all ages in the Brattleboro community.

 To pursue this mission, the library:

• Provides access to basic library services and resources;

• Expands individual access to information through the use of current technologies;

• Offers the assistance people need to find, evaluate, and use electronic and print information resources;

• Creates conversation and collaborations with community leaders, organization, and individuals;

• Fosters community cultural life by hosting public meetings and exhibits;
housing historic, fine arts, and civic collections; and providing spaces that attract adults, teens, and children to read, study, and browse.

Library Service Priorities,  2012-2016

➢ Support young readers from early literacy on.

➢ Satisfy the curiosity of library users through life-long learning.

➢ Connect to the online world to help library users find, evaluate and use information.

➢ Stimulate the imagination of library users through resources for reading, viewing, and listening.

➢ Provide access to welcoming physical and virtual spaces for library users.

Plan 2012-2016

On August 17, 2012, the Library's Trustees voted to adopt the fifth strategic plan, Plan 2012-2016: Making Connections In Person and Online. The Strategic Planning Committee appointed by the Trustees consisted of board members, the library director, children's librarian, and a citizen. The committee met from July 2011 through July 2012. As in previous plan, the library's new five-year plan identifies six service priorities adapted from seventeen Public Library Association's planning tools. The service priorities were further refined by input derived from the following: two community forums of Brattleboro residents and library users; a staff retreat; an online and in-person community survey which was completed by over 350 library users. A targeted survey was directed at students from BUHS/BAMS in February 2012. 

Brooks Memorial Library 2012-2016: Making Connections In Person and Online

Brooks Memorial Library 2012-2016 Summary

Plan 2007-2011

Download the complete Plan:
pdfBrooks Memorial Library 2007-2011: Continuing the Collections, Connections, and Collaborations

Technology Plan

pdfBrooks Memorial Library Technology Plan 2008-2012

Other Reports and Studies

pdfBrooks Memorial Library Report to Selectboard (September 2013)

pdfBrooks Memorial Library--Vemont Public Library Report FY 2013, Financial Data

pdfBrooks Memorial Library--Vermont Public Library Report FY 2013, Services Data

pdfBrooks Memorial Library Town Report 2013