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Website Makeover

This page is under construction.

The Brooks Memorial Library website, has served its purpose for many years, but it is time to give it a new look and feel. Do not worry, this will only be an improvement! All of our resources will still be there for you to access and enjoy, but we will be striving for an updated, friendlier, easier to use, and more intuitive interface.

If you are reading this, you may have taken the website survey, and given us your straight-up opinion about what you use our site for, how often, and how easy it is to navigate. If so, we thank you for your help!

The purpose of the website survey was to gather data about what people use our website for, and how difficult they find it to use, so that we may correctly conduct usability testing at the beginning of the website redesign project, and at various stages along the way. If you signed up to be on the list for usability helpers, thank you so much!

The Brooks Memorial Library Technology Committe and  work sub-group are currently working on a Request for Proposal (RFP), and will soon be looking for web designers to bid on the project. Library staff will be working closely with the web designer at all stages of the redesign process to make sure that our new and improved site meets all of the requirements necessary to serve our ever-growing library community.

We will continue to keep this page updated as the project progresses. For general information about the website redesign process, you may refer to the Technology Committee agendas and meeting notes that are available on this page of the website.

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