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The craft activity featured in the smaller box on the kids landing page will be an article from the kids/crafts category.

It should start with an image that is twice as wide as it is tall  and at least 156 px x 312px. An image that is 600x300 will look great at the top of a page when you click through.

You can create all of your craft project images / articles and then keep most of them unpublished until you want to promote them.

Click the red X to switch from unpublished to green checkmark  for published status.

Choose module manager under extensions menu.

Choose "random places"  as the module position you want to work with.

Choose "next craft activity" module and  modify which article is linked.

Use the Insert Article button to choose the article you want.

Screen shot 2012-12-06 at 10.12.10 AM

We want to display only the intro text (the image above the readmore link)  and readmore -- not  all text or title.

Save the module after you reset the article choice.

This will appear in the lower box on the kid's home page and then link to the rest of the article with more details about the event  or project.