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Library Trustees

The Board of Library Trustees of Brooks Memorial Library seeks enthusiastic and dedicated library users to fill open positions on the Board. Candidates for this position should have an interest in maintaining a strong and visionary library in Town. Trustees must be residents of Brattleboro. For more information and details on applying, please review this document on pdfTrustee Recruitment. Thanks for your interest!


Trustees set policy for the library and approve library budgets. Their activities are governed by the pdfBoard of Trustees Bylaws (revised October 9, 2018). The Board meets the second Tuesday of every month throughout the year at 4:45 pm in the Community Meeting Room on the second floor. Board committees have their own meeting schedules. For details, please see the Agendas, Minutes, and Committees page.

Trustees must be Brattleboro residents and are elected at the annual Town Meeting in March. Open trustee seats are posted prior to Representative Town Meeting and general voting in the spring, and interested Brattleboro residents are encouraged to apply.

Current Board of Trustees

Name Position
Connie Bresnahan 2020, 1st term, Secretary
Howard Burrows 2022, 3rd term
Adam Franklin-Lyons 2021, 3rd term, Treasurer
Sirkka A. Kauffman 2021, 1st term
Jennifer Rowe 2020, 1st term, President
Elizabeth Ruane 2022, 1st term
Leo Schiff 2021, 1st term, Vice President
Jane Southworth 2022, 3rd term
John R. Woodward 2020, completing unexpired term

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