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See Baker & TaylorConnect the stars by Marisa de los Santos and David Teague

When thirteen-year-olds T.E. and Audrey meet at a wilderness camp in the desert, they think their quirks are enough to prevent them from ever having friends. But as they trek through the challenging and unforgiving landscape, they learn that they each have what it takes to make the other whole.

See Baker & TaylorBluecrowne A Greenglass House story Kate Milford

In 1810, Lucy Bluecrowne, twelve, is bored living ashore with her stepmother and half brother until two nefarious strangers identify her little brother as the pyrotechnical prodigy they need for their evil plan.

See Baker & Taylor The boy, the boat, and the beast by Samantha M. Clark

A boy wakes up on a mysterious beach with no memory of how he got there and embarks on a journey to find answers.